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Too many appliances get thrown away too soon. People believe if it broke now it will break again soon, but it has been my experience that only happens about 1% of the time. Take the money you save from having a repair done rather than buying new and treat yourself to a night out or a gift for yourself.

Be sure it is an appliance problem before buying new. I have seen appliances replaced for blown circuit breakers, clogged vents, low voltage, bad flooring, and other household problems. Not only do you now have two good appliances, you still have a problem that needs fixing.

Time and Convenience: Most repairs can be done the same day, even if parts need to be ordered they will be ordered that day, generally delivered in two days and able to be installed on the third working day. Most repairs can be completed in less time than it takes to shop for an appliance.

Will you incur special costs, removal, installation and disposal costs to replace an old appliance? Be sure to include these costs.

How difficult will it be to replace a built in or over sized appliance you can't move through doors or past railings to get the appliance out of the house? Do I want to move an appliance thru my home?

What is the repair history of the appliance? Consumers (and yes, even repair people) get frustrated when an appliance has 2 or 3 unrelated break downs in a short amount of time. This does not necessarily indicate that the appliance is dying, but it can be annoying. Unfortunately we cannot foretell what will break down next and when. If we see obvious items, we will let you know and let you make your decision.

Life Span: Is it near the end of expected life span and it looks like it, replace. Even if it is near its life cycle end and it appears to be in good shape it may be worth repairing.

Price: While accessible pricing on most major household items makes it tempting to say out with the old and in with the new, experts remind us we get what we pay for. "When things are cheap, something has to suffer and usually it's quality." The $400 dollar washer you buy today is not the same as a $400 washer of a few years ago. Metal parts have been lightened up, plastic parts introduced, and less expensive electrical parts used.

Have you hated this specific appliance from day one? If so, then you probably should get rid of it.

What is the general condition of the appliance? Is the body rusting? Are pieces broken? Remember, you don't want to put money into an appliance that is going to fall apart shortly.

If you want to upgrade to new features, you should replace. If more features are not for you, then repairing is probably the way to go.

Most newer appliances are more energy efficient. Try to determine your energy savings if possible. If and appliance is 25% more efficient than your model and it uses $100 of electricity each year, that savings is approximately $25 per year. It would pay for itself over the life of the appliance but not in just a few years. Do not replace an appliance soley on energy efficiency.

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